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How we work together

Photography copyright Michel Joly 

During our initial meetings we will cover this five phase process to develop the best marketing plan for your business. Cultivate Wine Marketing + Communications is committed to collaborating with you to create lasting value. After assessing the best course of action, we will work together to implement and evaluate the marketing plan.


  • Assess current situation: strengths, weaknesses, objectives and threats.

  • Frame the problem or need.

  • Define business goals and objectives.

  • Benchmark market position.

  • Research and analyze the competition.

  • Define customer needs.



  • Develop customized strategy and actionable marketing plan and programs.

  • Align strategies with goals and objectives.



  • Implement solutions. Administer programs aligned with goals.



  • Monitor performance through scorecards, data collection and anecdotal feedback.



  • Plan for course corrections or gap-closing tactics.

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